Speaker Cables For Big Horns & Tubes

I am looking for some new speaker cables to try I have big horn speakers and a very low powered SET amp (2wpc)...
Recommendations please???

When I had my Lowther horns I wired everything with DNM Precision speaker cables. The cable is designed to work with speakers that are greater than 90db. Excellent sounding solid core copper cables that won't break the bank.
Cardas used to make a very efficient speaker cable designed for low powered amplifiers. I do not see it listed in their product line at this time, but maybe you can call Cardas for more information.
Jsman, I have 300B & 45 amps, (Wavelength) Beauhorn Virtuoso speakers (Lowther DX4) and use Tempo Electric SCs, (Joseph Levy) single solid silver. I hope to be moving and will then be using my Horns.