speaker cables for maggies

looking for cables like a purist audio museaus or kimber 12tc for my maggie IIIa system. any preferences? of course, looking for airiness, 3d front-middle-back imaging of sound non fatiguing listening quality.trying to keep under $700 for 7-8' full range pair. for my purposes bare wire style termination is preferred - due to my old mono amps w/screw out slotted binding post connections will then need to add an audioquest bp8 or bp10 or cardas crimp/solder on pin for connections. can't use banan or spade ends. if i have to order w/o hearing the speaker cables first could you tell me a good choice? the biggest problem is a termination i can use my slots only fit the opening needed for a 14 awg wire or pins i've mentioned .
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i suggest you listen to as many speaker cables that you can get. i have maggies and am using ear to ear which is silver plated copper, but i would not necessarily recommend them to you.

there is more than one brand of cable that will please you, but you have to decide for yourself.
When I had my 3.6s, Analysis Plus Oval 9 with bananas on the speaker end and spades on the amp end was the hot ticket. Maybe you can upgrade or modify your amps to accept spades?
curious as to the 8tc over the 12tc in this case? liked 8tcs in this setup in the past & figured 12's would be even more of what i liked?
Just Make sure Y O U hear the 12 TC and dont just take a well intended sentence repeaters advice.
Cheers JohnnyR
hi, i have murrow audio sp-5s, wireworld equinox+++, and kimber 8tc on my magnepans[not at the same time haha]. they each sounded quite different and all are great to listen to. i prefer the murrows tho. did not really care for my homebrew "moonshine" cables made from walmart extension cords.