Speaker cables for my Focal Sopra No 1 or?

I am brand new here already purchased my first system. Probably made some mistakes. So I bought an NAD M33, Focal Sopra No 1 speakers, Tellurium Black II cables with an Isotek EVO3 Polaris. I am enjoying the system but realize I've probably made some mistakes. So as a humble novice I'd love some advice where to start to improve my system. I thought perhaps starting with the cables. Looking too warm this up. 


I’m sure your system sounds wonderful. I don’t see how you made any mistakes on what you selected; I’d just enjoy it, get to know it and learn. I would suggest visit PS Audio and buy Paul’s new box The Audiophile Guide The Loudspeaker as it’s a good read, a lot to learn and you might discover your system is not set up the best and you’re not hearing what it’s capable of. Since you don’t have a transport you can purchase the download which corresponds with the book. Just enjoy your system, and spend hours streaming discovering new music. I’d suggest Qobuz if you’re using other for streaming too. Have fun.

Welcome @foxton , congrats, looks like you got some choice gear. Next steps would be:

1) Some speakers need time to break in, see what Focal recommends.

2) After break in take time to set them up, here is a guide.

3) The next thing is to acoustically treat your room, check out the room kits at Sonitus. I wouldn't change anything until you knock out these three things.


Your selections look to be very good, besides possible room treatments make sure you have a dedicated AC circuit with a good wall outlet.