Speaker Cables for Revel Studio Ultima.


Does anyone have recommendation for Speaker cables for Revel Sudio Ultima (1). Looking for musical rather than analytical if that makes sense. Budget, as always bang for buck, $250-$500, 2.5-3 mtr. lengths. Also what do you suggest connection wise and type? Banana plug, nude, Bi-wire?

Have a number of solid state Power amps, Mono Blocks. Use tube or hybrid Pre-Amps.

If you can squeeze another few hundred dollars into your budget I'd recommend what I'm using with mine. There's a set for sale on this site right now. I can't get enough of these cables. I switched nearly everything over to Synergistic Research. Check my system page.
Best of luck in whatever you choose.
Don't cheap out too much. You might as well use Belden cable from BlueJeans if you're going to do that. Not bad stuff at all. If you want something better, I think Audience AU24 is a very safe bet. Very neutral, doesn't screw things up and a good buy on the used market. Plus, Audience has outstanding customer service if anything goes wrong. There's always a few pair for sale here. Don't worry about the E versions or anything like that. The originals are fine and can always be upgraded. Not that the E version is necessarily better, but it's good to know. You can't go wrong, IMO.
I highly suggest you speak to Paul at Clear Day cables. They have made positive changes to musicality in my system. Paul is as honest and straight forward as they come. If you don't like them return for money back.
I'm currently using Cullen Cable speaker cables in a double bi-wire setup (2 standard runs per speaker) with my Studios and a Levinson 335 amp (which has 4 binding posts per speaker). I own several more expensive sets of speaker cables, but the Cullen's just sound better with more air, better separation, better clarity, just more real. He's got a 30 day money back, worth a shot for sure.
Ask speaker and amplifier designers and they will tell you what you want is the right cable for your amplifier, not speaker (speaker cable is a misnomer).
@newton Yep, that's my finding. Owning a number of Power Amps, what Cables I use is dependent on Power Amp in use.