Speaker cables for Wilson Sophia 3

Good Day,

I've recently upgraded from Kef 205/2 to Wilson Sophia 3. Firstly, i'd like to share my initial experience on the Sophia 3
Secondly, I'm looking for opinions on speaker cables which will work best with these speakers. However, I'm not looking for a pair of cable which will cost as much as my speakers!

Wilson Sophia 3: IMHO, they're awesome speakers and they're a big step forward comparing to the Kef 205/2 (worth the upgrade!). They're very balance from top to bottom. However, I need to crank-up the volume to get them going. I highly recommend the Sophia 3

Speaker cables: I'm currently using Grover Sx speaker cables. They sound good on the Sophia 3 but I don't think they're "the one" SCs for the Sophia 3!
Wilson has replied to my email to confirm Transparent was used for internal wiring. However, I’m reluctant to purchase cables with network boxes (purest signal path is the path with nothing in between!?)
Can experienced Wilson users recommend a few cables brand?

Also for future ref. what will be the best cdp to go with the Sophia 3!? Should I go with integrate or transport, dac and clock. I'm leaning toward Antelope Gold Dac+PSU+ Clock or Lessloss DAC+CEC

My system:
Wilson Sophia 3
McIntosh MC501
Audio Research Ref 3
Primare CD 31 (with Analogue section heavily mod)
Linn LP12, Dynavector 17D3, Ittok, Lingo
Linn Uphorik
Grover Huffman Sx SCs
Nordost Quatro Fil ICs
LessLoss Sig. PCs on mono blocks which are feed by Weizhi PRS6
Stefan Audio Art PCs on cdp and pre which are feed by Shunyata Hydra 2
TG Audio Black & White 9awg to feed into Weizhi and Shunyata
Vibra Pods & cones on cdp, pre and tt
Custom Hifi stand using thick mdf and steel rods!
Music pref. mainly Jazz and classical

Do you know if PAD can be easily matched with non PAD ICs? I don't really want to replace all wires
The best Transparent you can afford, new or used.

My local Wilson dealer invariably connects them with Transparent and it's consistently been some of the best reproduced sound I've heard, and I've heard them with VTL, ARC tube, ARC class D, Ayre solid state, Classe, and some others. ARC tube through Transparent is the best setup I've heard for Wilsons.
Have you use vibrapod previously? Do you use anything to further control vibration under your components?
New headache!!!!
For the first time, I've tried to play with acoustic treatment. It was a cheap diy. My family room is about 7x5 meters with a large wooden cabinet on a side and an lcd on wall (longer wall). My speakers and electronics locate on the shorter wall side. I used a blanket to cover the lcd last night and wow the sound seems to flow more subtle, better to my ears. However, question come in term of room treatment. Do any of agon fellows have any recommendation on a basic acoustic treatment plan! I have heavy urtain behind speaker but almost empty wall behind listening chair . Standard door size entrance is also on the same side. I'll add a door to enclose the room shortly
Please note i wish ican move the furniture, etc the way i want but in reality the wife factor is an issue!