Speaker cables Mid High end

Currently have Kimber 8TC speaker cables and recently purchased a Mark Levinson No.526 preamp paired to Mark Levinson 532h amp and Revel speakers. Looking to upgrade speaker cables and have been looking at Cardas Clear line and also read great reviews on Audience AU24 SE . Looking to buy lightly used and want a neutral, open and a high resolution cable to capture the highly transparent and resolving attributes of the No.526 preamp. Any recommendations and thoughts on the Cardas and Audience are welcomed. 
I’m with @akg_ca.....Transparent all the way. Full loom. The name says it all! I have the Gen5 Supers and all Plus level interconnects. Very, very pleased. 
There are hundreds of very good cables out there and thousands of reviews from people indicating their likes and dislikes for each of them. I have purchased cables before at audio shows mainly because they were in a good sounding room, I have read good things about them, and always got a good deal on them. If I didn’t get a good discount I wouldn’t have bought them because the big test was to bring them home and audition them with your own equipment because it’s only you can who can decide what you like. If I don’t like them, I put them up for sale. Now, I usually buy after hearing cables in friends systems or bring in multiple cables and do a shoot out between them and buy the 1 that’s sounds the best. I’m willing to try and then sell them if I don’t like them, or I’ll send them back if I have a demo period
I agree with the Fidelium Speaker Cable.
Ultra High End sound at a Mid High End price.
With the 30 day return policy, you would regret not trying them...
I would highly recommend that anyone searching for excellent cables to check out Luna, hand made in Canada.  I have a complete set (interconnects, power, and speaker) of their top level, Noir (black).   My electronics are top of the line Naim (500 Series) with the top Kuzma TT.  As each cable was introduced into my system, I was startled by just how much of a difference it made.  I won't go into the myriad adjectives available since the experience is obviously subjective, but suffice it to say, I could not have been more pleasantly surprised and impressed.  They make 5 grades so that regardless of budget, anyone can enjoy the experience.
If you want to broaden your search a fantastic cable to check out is
Thales Speaker Cable. They also make a great interconnects.