speaker cables under 1k for Harbeth 30.2XD?

these would be used a revolving door of amplifiers

your recommendations appreciated



++ Duelund. Gig Harbor Audio will make custom lengths and terminations for you. 

@mihorn Whats their secret?! There are a LOT of companies working on this problem, so what is their secret sauce?!

I am using Soundstring Gen1 Tricormaxial cable and could not be happier. They are now defunct but you can try locating a brand new old stock which was what I did or get them second hand. Very musical and non fatiguing. My local dealer still use them for their demo setups despite carrying much more expensive brands, that really speaks to their quality and value for money. 

I used to rock Belden Studio 814 for my main setup which was also very good and punched way above their price points. They are now serving my secondary setup consisting of a pair of cheap NHT C1s. The Belden adds more lushness and weight to the sound though this is at the expense of slightly smaller soundstage compared to branded offering. I believe they would sound great with Harbert 30.2. I've heard the Harbeth and did think they could benefit from more body in their sound. 

Silversmith Fidelium. I surprised this wasn’t mentioned earlier as many on this forum have spoken very enthusiastically about this speaker cable so much so that this cable seemed to be a sonic bargain.

Zenwave SCR14 - great price/performance