Speaker cables which bring out more bass?

I need a speaker cables which bring out more bass. I want to use these in biwire setup only for bass section together with monocrystal silver cables in mid and hi section. I believe that pure copper must be best for transfere bass but I have no opportunity to test different brands before buying. So I want too hear about all Your experiences regarding this.
The best way to get more bass from a speaker cable is to pull it tight and pluck it.
why dont you try the home depot wire its cheap and alot of peeps here says it works do a search on here
Mapleleafs3 is not correct. My proac 2.5's can easily detect the diffence between a single cable and jumper than 2 seperate cables for tweeter and bass unit. The bass unit definately reacts favorably to very large quality wire. I'm not saying that the strands can't be small, but the overall guage should be 12guage or less. The twetter does not need to be nearly as large. A few strands of ultra high quality wire will work best.