Speaker Cables? why all the hype for expensive speaker wire?

After listening to many speaker cables, I am listening to basic 14 Gauge, high purity copper speaker wire and find myself shaking my head.  Does this basic speaker wire sound better than cables many times the price?  I am really starting to ponder that question.  I think I am hearing things on my records I never heard before and better balance of sound.  What are your thoughts?
In my experience:
1. There are systems where cables matter a lot, and some others where the difference is smaller (usually less resolving systems but there must be more to it than that). For example, a friend of mine has nice vintage Tannoy speakers, where not only cables but even source components seem to make little difference ;) 
2. I agree some cheaper cables can let you "hear more" but it doesn't mean the sound quality is better. It may be because the bass is weak, you perceive more in the mids or highs. Or sometimes there seems to be less bass but it's better quality and you learn to appreciate it more. 
3. It also always amazes me how different the cable breakin experience can be with different people. For example, when I get a new cable with Furutech rhodium plated plugs, it takes months in my system before it sounds beautiful, whereas some other people claim to have the same experience on the first day... 
4. Comparing cables can be tricky as even the well brokenin cable may need time to settle after it's disconnected and reconnected...
Re 3 and 4: I'm sure it's not a question of "adapting" - my Furutech cables sound from absolutely "horrific" to absolutely "magical" over the long months of breakin. It's from "no soundstage" to "deep and wide soundstage", it's from "harsh highs" to "magical highs", it can't be a question of adaptation...
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