Speaker Choice ?

My family room size is (18feet width) (22feet length )
(20feet tall)speakers will face length measurement.
speaker price looking used around 5000.00 whats my best choice. What tube amp with your speaker choice.
03-05-15: Zimwig
Reference 3a Grand Veena (used) VAC 160i.

That's the exact combo that I'm rolling with, sounds great!!
You guys may have a laugh at this, but in my 2-channel reference room I'm using the Dunlavy SC-Vs with a Dunlavy subwoofer. Only a few of the subs were made and this one is in an SC-IV cabinet with 4 twelve inch woofers. It's passive so I use a separate amp/equalizer with it. The result, well if you love your bass clean and able to slam you through the floor, this set-up gets it done.

Also, I agree with the recommendations for tube amps. I've tried different amps, but personally I have liked the high current stuff from Jeff Rowland and the Marantz Reference Monos the best.
Many questions remain unanswered.
Are you alone for the music since you said family room.
How do you like you music presented? Natural or pinpoint or both? Loudness?
How much freedom do you have with speaker placement? I.e into the room.
Music, media, or movies?
So, I presume you are not always in the listening position, since you mentioned the family room.
I would suggest wide dispersion speakers (homogeneous) if more than one family member in a different spot is listening to music.
1) German Physiks
2) HEA
3) Audiokinesis
4) Larsen
5) MBL

Otherwise controlled directivity speakers
1) AK
2) Geddes
3) Amphion
If you decide to look at wide dispersion speakers, be sure to include the Gallo Reference 3.5s for audition. They have about 300 deg. dispersion with a truly magnificent tweeter coupled to very fast carbon-fibre midrange modules. These can be found gently used on Audiogon for right around $2,000 /pr. - an excellent price for these world class speakers...

speaker price looking used around 5000.00 whats my best choice.
My favorite question and my favorite answer...

The best choice are the speakers that sound best to you, are within your budget and can be properly driven by your amp!

So start auditioning rather than asking a bunch a strangers on the internet. Or are you more concerned about buying whats popular rather than whats best for you?