Speaker choice advise requested...

Greetings all. This is a quasi-follow up to an earlier discussion. I currently have Magnepan .7's which I do like however room configuration is probably restricting their true performance to about 75%. So, I have been toying with the idea of a speaker change. My primary music tastes is electric blues with a dose of classic rock (Aerosmith, Tull etc.) and a smattering of country, old swing and guitar jazz. So, I have put together a short list of possibilities from internet research. They are: Tektron Lore, Klipsch Heresy III, and Tannoy 6XT(?) may have goofed that model #....Ok, let 'er rip!

Maggies have been one of my favorites for years (despite being a Vandy fanboy).
As Randy said, consider adding a sub. I know Maggies and Vandy subs are a great combo, tried and true. Not knowing your listening room and dimensions, equipment, etc., it is hard to know what you current system isn't doing right, but my suspicion is that you need a little more bass as the Maggies really don't go down enough to the lower frequencies by themselves.
And, as Randy said, contact Magnepan, too. I am sure they will point you in the right direction. You have some really nice speakers.
I recommend Sound Anchor or Mye stands (if you do not have already).

I recently bought a pair of MG12 with Sound Anchor stands and I can not believe the SQ improvement over the factory stands.

I now consider them mandatory with Maggies.

fyi, my two cents
Going straight from your short list...
If the Klipsch meet your fancy, they're the way to go. ... If you don't mind a bit drier presentation then Tannoy.
For me, Tekton's are not a runner. I've sat in front of them a few times, just don't do it for me.
On the above, I do have a sub and customs stands for the baggies that get them off the floor and vertical. I live in a studio-type apt. and space is at a premium. Therefore I have to have my entertainment center between my baggies which dilutes their ability to sound stage. Hence, my current dilemma...