Speaker choice advise requested...

Greetings all. This is a quasi-follow up to an earlier discussion. I currently have Magnepan .7's which I do like however room configuration is probably restricting their true performance to about 75%. So, I have been toying with the idea of a speaker change. My primary music tastes is electric blues with a dose of classic rock (Aerosmith, Tull etc.) and a smattering of country, old swing and guitar jazz. So, I have put together a short list of possibilities from internet research. They are: Tektron Lore, Klipsch Heresy III, and Tannoy 6XT(?) may have goofed that model #....Ok, let 'er rip!

Now that we know you have the sound anchors and sub, it eliminates some of the obvious problems.

I wouldn't think having the equipment in the middle would alter sound staging. If that is the case, then you should try different placement, in my opinion. Though you probably did that or there just isn't any other place to put them in your studio apt.
Mentioning lack of sound stage leads me to believe that your other components may be holding you back.
What is the rest of your equipment?
And, why do you call them 'baggies'?
Spellcheck, Maggies. I have a nice Wyred Integrated(plenty of current) and Oppo 105 disc player. Because of the dipole nature of the Maggies I'm pretty certain they aren't "blossoming" as they could in an ideal situation. In my case, it's trying to work around less than ideal speaker placement. It has been suggested that a more "traditional" box speaker coulee solve some of the placement issues inherent to maggies...

good to know, I just wanted to eliminate that variable.

fwiw I never heard a Tannoy I didn't like and never heard a Klipsch I did like...

limited exposure to either admittedly...

good luck
Yessir. Klipsch are a love or hate speaker it seems. The newer Heresy III seems to get very favorable reviews across the board. I live off the beaten path so live demo's are pretty much out sadly...
I bought a pair of Tannoy floor standers several months ago after becoming somewhat disenchanted with music reproduction in my system. I believe my Tannoys are an earlier version of the XT6, 2 6 inch drivers with a tweeter in the concentric design.

Tannoys have a "music first" approach. Upon comparing them with a few different speaker brands I have, with Parasound Halo gear they have a superior soundstage and have become my favourite. I listen to rock, pop, country and some old school jazz.

The imaging on these Tannoys is quite something for the money. The speakers simply disappear, and the stage is right in front of you. I’d give them a listen for sure.