Speaker choice for 50w push-pull tube integrated

I have a Graaf GM50 tube integrated paired with relatively inefficient Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors (88db, 4ohm), and may begin to look for a more full-range speaker with an efficiency rating better matched to the amp (maybe 90db, 8ohm). My budget is $6,000 or less--used would be fine.

Does anyone have a suggestion for speakers that would be a synergistic match with the 50w push-pull Graaf? My system fires across the short dimension of an 11" x 30" room.

Thanks in advance for your input.
Merlin VSM-MX - 50 tube watts will be more than enough, their impedance over the frequency range is very tube friendly.
The Eggleston Work Fontaine II is very tube frendly. It is very easy to drive and provide silky smooth mid and high. Bass is also good as well.