speaker choice for new 20x30 audio room

Finally getting an opportunity to set up a dedicated audio room. Its a separate out building from the house. 2x6 construction, fully insulated 20' wide 30' with 10' ceilings. Full HVAC and adding padded and carpet floor over 6" existing concrete floor. After heavy texture and new paint, I plan to add acoustic treatments, just he basics for starters, bass traps, wall panels, ceiling clouds and going with a rule of thirds layout for speaker placement. 

For now I will be running everything from an Emotiva Pre-Amp, Peachtree 500 Amp, Bluesound Node for streamer and a Pontus II DAC.

Budget for the new speakers will be $5000 to $10,000. this will be a dedicated listening room, We listen to everything from Dianna Krall to Metallica Classic Rock, Blues, Country.. you name it. Just looking for recommendations of speakers I should be considering for this specific room dimension.     

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You can do the full Linkwitz LX521 project, with active crossover and amplification for as little as $4000 depending on what amp choice you make. I wouldn’t totally cheap out on the amp though. Probably would go with class D modules and build one, but you could go with a couple of 200 wpc 5 channel amps on the used market that would cover it.

Would totally work fine in your room.  No shortage of dynamics or headroom.  No need for subs either.   Here’s a set being auditioned by the San Francisco Audiophile Society recently.

resell the Emotiva  components and buy a used pair of meridian dsp 7200's (fully active) you'll need a 218 zone controller at minimum the 818 is after you win lotto.