speaker choice help below $800

I think I am going crazy trying to find even a starting point for speakers. It seems everytime I come up with a couple that might fit the bill, I loose focus some how! :-)
Anyway, if some of you could give me some sort of guidance for what to look at I would appreciate it.
A few that have piqued my curiosity during research are:
Pinnacle Gold Reference
Dynaudio Audience 50/52
Various B&W's - DM, CM, CDM etc...
NHT 2.5i

My current system consists of:
Roksan Caspian Int.
Rega Planet2000 CDP
I am currently 'borrowing' a pair of B&W DM602-S1 and they need to go back to their owner.
I listen to primary British indie/pop music, both guitar driven and electronica style (gotta love the 80's!)
I would like to keep the price below $800 new/used if possible. It doesn't matter whether they are floorstander or bookshelf.

Check out Ascend CBM170's with a HSU VTF-2 sub should come in right around $800. There is a review of these in the present issue of The $ensible Sound. Yes, I'm very happy with mine.
Try the PSB Bronze. Forgiving of bad old recordings. Has bass. A floorstander. Efficient. Plays louder and rocks better than my Vandy 3's.
I just got a pair of PSB Image 5T's for a friend who wanted floorstanding speakers for rock and jazz with more bass than a monitor. The PSB's were only $450 used and sound very good in her system and small room. She has a small Cambridge Audio A300 integrated and a Marantz 67SE CD player. The 5T's are very attractive speakers too. For your larger budget, you could get the Image 7T's, which have their own amplifier built in for the woofers.
Do yourself a big favor and do what I did. Go to Home Depot or Lowes. Buy 6 awg multi strand wire (I bought the pink and white jackets). Run them in opposite directions for negative and positive. Twist them together loosely. Install in your system. I just finished auditioning the Audience AU24 and new Shunyata speaker cables, and these were preferred to them. Very natural sounding, dynamic and tonal balance. At $.28 per foot, you tell me if you hear a difference.