Speaker comparisons

I own a pair of Proac Response2 speakers ( with new drivers) .
Love the sound ...although interested in how these compare to various Dynaudio standmounts...
Keep in mind you heard the C1's as part of a system. The speakers were only a part of that system. Its easy to forget that sometimes; especially when you really like the sound.
I suspect the differences you heard probably have more to do with the rooms than the speakers.
How big is your room and how are your speakers positioned?

What type of stands are you using with the Response 2?

What equipment was used to demonstrate the Dynaudio C-1, and how large was the room?

Room is 12 x 22..

speakers on short wall. 1 ft from back and side walls. placed straight into the room. seating at 8 feet from speakers .

Target MR24 stands ( 4 poster ) filled with sand....

The C1's were in a room size approx 25 x 25 ft. don't remember the equipment used at the show room.