Speaker isolation feed effect

Has anyone had experience with Isoacoustic Gaia speaker stands, specifically the Gaia II? I have a pair of ATC SCM50ASLs and would like to try them out on these.


After a lot of research, the Gaia feet and Townsend Platforms seem the best, not sure how much the more expensive Wilson or Magico products compare.  Of the 2, the Townsend seems to perform slightly better.  

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I saw the characteristics of these insulators more detail. My active ATC SCM50ASLs weigh 50kg, plus the stand brings the total weight close to the 54kg limit, where Gaia II isolators are said to lose effectiveness. So the Gaia I will be needed, more expensive and bulky... 🙁

Check out this thread, in the Misc section for another option.