Speaker List

I'm in the process of putting together a list of speakers to research and audition. I need help for a couple of reasons. The selection of speakers where I live is limited to Dynaudio, Revel and B&W. All fine speakers, but I'd like to look at others as well. I travel a great deal and have the opportunity to listen to speakers when on the road. I'm also hoping that imput from a variety of source might partially make up for not being able to audition everything at home.

I currently use a pair of Snell E 5's with Clayton M 100's, a First Sound Presence Deluxe MkII pre and an Arcam CD92. Cables are Transparent. My room is 14 x28. I'm thinking of something in the neighborhood of 3-5000 new or used. Two other factors: the speakers need to be somewhat tolerent of placement (they can usually be placed properly but have to be capable of not causing pain when in the corner of the room) and the can't exceed the dimensions of the Snells (42"Hx 8 1/2W x12d) The could actually be a few inches deeper, but must fit the other dimensions.

Your thoughts will be much appreciated.
You might have trouble with the electrostatics, if you don't have a ton of room behind them. Look into a pair of Merlin VSM-Ms. They can be had used for somewhere in your price range.

Size 14x28 is not a small room. You can place the speakers on the 14' size. A pair of used Tannoy TD-12's is worth considering.
i have a pair of Martin Logan Aerius i in a room smaller than Hinde's, and they sound great. Plenty of space for them. Full range electrostats might be a different story, but worth a shot.

As soon as I have a bigger listening room, I'll move to full range electrostatic panels... there is something so very special about electrostat sound...
Thank you all. I now have a list and a way to spend my free time on the road. I'm planning to audition a pair of Dynaudio Contour T2.5's soon and will use them as a baseline. Its not a job, its an adventure.Thanks again.