Speaker match for Jolida JD 202?

I will start out admitting I am a novice. I always thought a good amp and good speakers equal a good system…so I guess I need some help.

Don’t ask me why, but I want to go tube. I was thinking about the JD 102b, but I got nervous about having to spend extra dough on some sensitive speakers, I figured why not spend the extra $200 on the JD 202.

I am on a tight budget (unlike so many of you at this site!): around $500 – $600 (or so) for speakers that sound well with a JD 202.

I am also open to suggestions for any other similar system that could keep me from getting kicked out of the house (under $1500).

PS - does anyone know anything about Morel speakers (build your own)? I have the abilty to build some decent boxes (Right now I am using some SpeakerLabs I built about 17 years ago).
If you can find a used pair of Meadowlark Swifts or, even better, Kestrel 2s they will work great with the Jolida.
Totem Arro's sound great with tubes! I am enjoying my Arro's paired with a PrimaLuna Prologue Two, but there are many happy listeners pairing theirs with Jolida amps as well! If your room isn't huge, I don't think you can lose.
Hello Complaisant, I like your original idea for the 102, i prefer it to the 202 which i also like with its EL34s, but the EL84s in the 102 are sweeter with better bass with the right speakers IMO. Spend the extra $200. on a modded 102 and by all means if you are a woodworker, build your own speakers, lots more bang(probably not the best word to use, substitute music) for the buck! There are lots of high efficiency speaker kits out there. I like the Fostex drivers(6" 166,167,or168) with or without sub depending on what you build. Check out the Bk-16 Fostex design from Madisound, they recomend the new 165 driver w/ supertweet.($600.) I bought the cabinets(precut0 with 166 drivers for under $400. Common Sense Audio sells kits w/ or without cabinets using the Fostexs, Lowthers, or their own Audio Nervana drivers($100. pr for the 6"! I was recently turned on to the Bob Brines Acoustics kits w/ Fostex or Lowther drivers and although i haven't heard them I will be building the FT 1600 MKIIs as soon as possible, the design looks great and well thought out. Also there is the Hammer Dynamics kit and Adire Audio 10.1 amd 12.1 kits. Fostex also has a bunch of designs for their drivers-Free! I'm sure there are other good choices too, maybe someone else can chime in on that. DIY man! Maybe you should also consider building your amp too, lots of choices there too, don't get me started! One thing i think you should consider besides the 102 is the Almarro 205 amp. It is assembled, uses EL84s(1 per ch. in single ended topology as compared to the 102s push pull topology. The 205 only puts out 5W/ch but with these types of speakers, that's plenty. I heard the Almarro at the NYC show this spring with Almarros new top of the line speaker, only 89db efficiency i think, and that amp is incredible. Sweet and natural with amazing bass, even with the lower eff. speakers. The 205 sells for about $650. on Audiogon! It has gottin' great reviews mated with$10,000+ speakers, it's that good! Only 1 imput but you could use a passive pre or i would replace the volume control with a better one and add a selector switch and some more rcas. Enough! Just one man's opinion. Good luck and have fun, Alan
Thanks for the feedback guys. After looking more at the kits, I might do it. I can get a lot more for my money (and use my new tablesaw for something).

Jalanc42069 - I don't know if I like the SET and full range setup right now, but I might build a SET some day, I can solder
klipsch speakers are often overlooked but they sound really nice and are very sensitive - a 5 or 6 watt amp could sound really nice with a small set of floor models. i have a set i got for $300 pair. sound great with jolida 202.