Speaker match for MC275

I have a pair of Martin Logan SL3s hooked up to MC275. I bit the bug again and am thinking of changing out the speakers.

In the running are B&W N802, Acoustic Zen Adagio, Dynaudio Contour S 3.4, and Kef XQ40, in no particular order.

I listen to Classic Rock, Jazz, and Classical. My budget is around 4-4.5K. Any suggestion / help would be greatly appreciated.
Add a Tannoy Prestige Turnberry SE to this list. It is one of the most mesmerising combination with the MC275. Even the Stirling SE is nearly as good.
I had an MC275 with Turnberrys. Sounded pretty good until a GL KT88 blew. Why not keep the speakers and replace the amp?