Speaker match for MC275

I have a pair of Martin Logan SL3s hooked up to MC275. I bit the bug again and am thinking of changing out the speakers.

In the running are B&W N802, Acoustic Zen Adagio, Dynaudio Contour S 3.4, and Kef XQ40, in no particular order.

I listen to Classic Rock, Jazz, and Classical. My budget is around 4-4.5K. Any suggestion / help would be greatly appreciated.
I had an MC275 with Turnberrys. Sounded pretty good until a GL KT88 blew. Why not keep the speakers and replace the amp?
Another vote for the Tannoy Prestige range with the MC275. Will be supremely musical if that is what you are seeking.
I have B&W 804S with my MC275. Very good match, but I often wonder if there is a better match for the 275. One thing I do know, though, is the N802 in your short list would need more power. Maybe 2 MC275 could drive them well, but only one will for sure be too little power.

FWIW, I did audition a pair of ML (can't remember model) and thought my 804S sounded better.
That's a great sounding combination you have there - irrespective of the passage of time. I would refurbish/service the SL3s and retube the 275 - and then do what Horatio says and get a second 275.