Speaker match for Simaudio W8/P8

I know speakers are very dependent on personal taste, but I'm looking to upgrade my speakers and would appreciate some advice from fellow agoners. My amp/preamp is the Simaudio W8/P8 (250W ss stereo amp). Current speakers are Dali Mentor 8s. I'm open to buying new or used, 15K or so price range. Considering Dali euphonia MS4/5, Sonus Faber Elipsa, Von Schweikert VR5 anniversary, Wilson Sophia 3/Sasha (a bit of a reach), Dynaudio Confidence C4. (Dynaudio seems to be paired with Sim at audio shows) or Eggleston Andra3
Room is about 22x18 with listening area 2/3rd of space, source currently is esoteric DV60. Please let me know what you guys think, and any other speakers I should consider. Thanks
Look into Shelby+Kroll speakers. Mine are on the way to me right now. I hope to have them for the weekend. I first saw an ad for them here on the Gon when I was looking for a sub to augment the bottom end of my Lowther Dx4 Medallions. I called Tim Kroll on a Friday afternoon, left a message, and recieved a return call that evening. As luck would have it there was a guy here in NJ who had a pair. Tim called him and Bob, the S+K owner, called me back on Sat. We set up a listening session at his house for Sunday afternoon. On my way home I called and ordered a 2.2 set over the phone. This speaker has it ALL! Spacious and full sound stage, detail, and deep well artculated bass. Give them a try you will not be dissapointed! :-)
Just curious what speakers you finally decided upon?

I upgraded my Simaudio i-7 to a P-7/W-8 combo and am loving it! With the P-8 it must be that much better!
Camb- i actually got the Simaudio P850 preamp (newest model). Dealer convinced me into shelling out a few more to upgrade after I ordered the P8. The P850 sounds great.
I decided to upgrade cabling before speakers, and went with Transparent Audio Reference XL. Still eyeing speakers, and am very intrigued by the new Sony AR-1. Will probably go with either them, the dynaudio C4s, or the Wilson Sashas down the road.
I run a P-7 pre with a W-5 which will magically turn into a W-8 or W-7 mono's.I run Martin Logans which are an awesome pairing with the Sim equipment.

In a room your size you could go for a used pair of CLX which would be in your budget or a pair of Prodigy's would be excellent as well.If you get the chance, have a listen to the CLX.

I have heard all the Dynaudio's , including the C-4's which are a nice pairing as well.
If you haven't bought speakers yet I have a one year old pair of Dali MS5's in Alpi finish in new condition I will be selling for $7400 plus shipping. They are in Indianapolis, IN. MSRP is $16,000.