Speaker mod companies?

I have been auditioning a lot of bookshelf speakers as of late and afterwards have come to the conclusion that my current speakers ( Art Skibo) are giving me around 85% of the satisfaction I desire - I like the look and size. So, instead of moving on why not just tweak the crossovers and internal wiring.
Anyone recommend a good company to start with? I'm not too much of a DIY guy so I would prefer someone else to do the labour. p.s. I am in Vancouver,Canada - so Canadian firms are a bonus to me.
the art speakers are pretty refined..including the crossovers, parts quality, etc..i'd think pretty hard about modding.
Art themselves do step ups for there newest range of speakers from basic to signature and reference- which include silver wire ,etc. kind of like Audio Note does. Unfortunately, not for the Skibos - I inquired.
From what I understand, Art has options and signature series on most of it's models. If you don't have the signature version, it wouldn't be too difficult to upgrade to the same value Jensen caps. Probably SOL on the exact Jensen film inductors.

Speaker City, near Granville Island, can handle the cap upgrades. They used to do things like that. Commercial Electronics and even Space Tech (Rupert & 2nd) could be other options. They might just recommend just paralleling ("bypassing") the existing caps with eleotrolytics. Depends on what you're trying to achieve. Ask to talk to the tech, not just the clerk.
Forgot to mention Raw Acoustics in Surrey. Makes speakers and DIY kits. Would be interesting what he can do without his usual budget. He's got a web site.