Speaker of My House…!

Hey Boys - (and gals if there are any here)

It’s time to usher in a new speaker. It needs to be nuanced and elegant. It needs to party but also be super fast and detailed. No muddy lows or shrieking highs. It needs to image like electrostatic speakers but with a large sweet spot. I don’t have room for Subs, so I need at least 25hz.

My new speakers are probably floor standers and they need to look beautiful.

My current Amp is an ARC 160s.

Source is Rossini Apex

My main listening room is about 18’ X 22’ with vaulted 12’ ceiling. My system also spends time in my home office which is small - 13’ X 14’ also with high vaulted ceilings and as many room treatments as I could fit.

I just sold my 18 month old Sonus Faber Serafino Traditions. I loved a lot about them. Probably still the prettiest speaker I’ve ever seen and at just under $20k new, pretty awesome sounding. They really ticked all the boxes in so many areas but they got a little breathless in my larger room. Mostly the bass got lost and less detailed.


I’m considering the new SF Amati’s.

Joseph Audio Pearl Graphene

Wilson Sasha DAW (ugh - I know, but that sound..!)

So…. Let’s have it. Whatta you guys think I should consider…?

(Im not ready for Maggie’s just yet)

Thanks for your help..!





Your current speakers are beautiful don't know if any of your listed speakers can surpass them but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I've recently heard the JA Perspectives2 in a similar size room as your main listening room and it filled that space better than I would have imagined. Also very nice looking IMO. I've not heard the Pearl's but told they will play louder and deeper but same sonic signature. However the Perspectives played plenty loud, I think we were listening into the 90's per a dB meter that was showing levels. Peaks were in the upper 90's which were too loud for my taste.

Can you audition any of these speakers? May be bring your amp and pre if the dealer doesn’t carry ARC. You aren’t really going to buy based on the recommendations here I assume. 
Also, you’re talking heavy speakers. You sure you want to move a 240lb speaker from room to room? Because that’s what the Sasha DAW weigh per channel. Unless someone makes you angry and you turn green, I don’t see how you can safely move something like that.