Speaker Pairing for Sugden A21SE

Just bought the Sugden A21SE integrated amp and would like to know what speakers pair well with it. My hunch is some iteration of the Harbeth C7 or another Brit monitor, though I'm also considering the Fritz Carreras. I'll probably buy used, and would like to stay under 3000, though I have a little flexibility (just a little). Thanks for any insights.


I enjoyed the Carreras a lot as well as the Carbon 7. Also like the Salk SS6M, which, like the Carreras has a Be tweeter that is well implemented and will likely be clear but not bright with that lovely Sugden.

Thanks; I've read your comments on the Fritz speakers, and if I remember correctly you loved them but preferred the Salks by a narrow margin. Any thoughts on Devore models, or the ProAc Tablette 10?

@anton99 I would love to hear Devore stuff. Definitely a level up, at least price-wise. I've not heard those ProAcs but given the markup one pays for foreign gear, especially British, I cannot imagine that model could compete sonically with the Salks or the Fritz. If anyone on the forum has compared them, I'd be curious to hear your actual experience.