Speaker Pairing for Sugden A21SE

Just bought the Sugden A21SE integrated amp and would like to know what speakers pair well with it. My hunch is some iteration of the Harbeth C7 or another Brit monitor, though I'm also considering the Fritz Carreras. I'll probably buy used, and would like to stay under 3000, though I have a little flexibility (just a little). Thanks for any insights.


Listening to my A21se right now with some Rogers LS3/5a’s, and the sound is great!  I’ve had trouble pairing the Sugden with Cornwall IV’s because of noise out of one channel.  Could just be something in my audio chain, don’t know.

Currently listening to A21se Sig and Devore O93's playing Satie Piano Music on Qobuz.  Its wonderful.  I also have a pair of Spatial  Audio  M4 Triode Master that are also wonderful with the A21. The M4 when available used can be purchased for a lot less.  Even though I have not had Proac speakers paired with my A21, previous time spent with that line makes me think it would also be another good match.