Speaker platform

I wanted to know opinions on speaker platforms. I will be custom ordering a new audio equipment rack (Tiger Maple )and amplifier (Tiger Maple ) platforms from Timbernation for my new Audio Research REF 750s.  I was wondering is it a good idea to also have platforms under my speakers. I have the B&W 800 Matrix. They do have a platform used to stand them up. But not sure what they are made of. Also I have solid oak floors. Thanks. 

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Haven't managed to buy yet.

A few other items in the pipeline first.

Have bought a pair of Sound Anchors speaker stands. Next looking at getting my power sorted out. Stack Audio Auva come after that.


Was about to pay for the speaker stands.

Then some used Black Ravioli Big Pads appeared, which I had to snap up.

I have and love the Townshend Podiums, but I also love TAOC products and they make isolation platforms specifically for under loudspeakers. 


Bugger it.


6 x Stack Audio Auva ordered today.

Pay the invoice tomorrow.

I couldn't wait.