Speaker platform

I wanted to know opinions on speaker platforms. I will be custom ordering a new audio equipment rack (Tiger Maple )and amplifier (Tiger Maple ) platforms from Timbernation for my new Audio Research REF 750s.  I was wondering is it a good idea to also have platforms under my speakers. I have the B&W 800 Matrix. They do have a platform used to stand them up. But not sure what they are made of. Also I have solid oak floors. Thanks. 

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Was about to pay for the speaker stands.

Then some used Black Ravioli Big Pads appeared, which I had to snap up.

I have and love the Townshend Podiums, but I also love TAOC products and they make isolation platforms specifically for under loudspeakers. 


Bugger it.


6 x Stack Audio Auva ordered today.

Pay the invoice tomorrow.

I couldn't wait.