Speaker polyamory -- or, stories about getting a second set to alternate with your primary

So many threads out there are about chasing the ultimate speaker -- or getting rid of speakers to try something new.

Here, I am looking for different stories. 

If this applies to you, tell me about a time you had a certain kind of speaker and decided to get a second set to swap in. Maybe you had stand mounts and you wanted to swap in towers....maybe you had box speakers and wanted electrostats...maybe it was because you were super curious about a different brand...

Curious about your second, swap in speaker set...and why.

And, if you eventually fell out of love with the first pair and divorced them...feel free to confess to that, too.

Stay cool!


I have B&O, Kef, Ohm, Klipsch and, gasp, Bose 901’s.  Each has endlessly fascinating response to the rooms they are located.  I don’t regard one better than the other, only marvel at the differences.  Switching hardware has similar results and impact.  I will commonly listen to one track in one room, then hustle to another room with a different setup, and listen again to that track.  I never tire from this comparison.  I’ll also swap speakers in the same room and enjoy that comparison.  I could not be happy with just one setup…I’m spoiled for sure.

Likely in the minority here however I actually enjoy switching between speakers regularly. Using the same source I can listen to the floor standers, or the monitors with subs. Reading an opinion that the best offense for room correction is another set of speakers is worthy. I  will cue the mains without subs or the monitors with subs or crash the room with all of the above. 

I am down to one motorcycle (VFR750) but up to @70 pushbikes and 30 saxophones (plus mouthpiece collection)!!! Speaker -wise you need at least one spare pair for reference/ emergency/ the sheer hell of it 

My main system resides in a medium sized bedroom dedicated to it. Currently I have two speaker pairs which I switch out, Tannoy Sterlings and Esoteric MG-10s. I will likely move the Sterlings into a living room system and replace with something else. Would like to try Maggie LRS+ as I have never had a pair of Maggies. At some point I will likely be looking to replace the MG-10s with another 2-way stand mount. 

One issue with trying out different speakers is amplifier requirement for then can vary greatly.  I use a Aric Audio Transcend tube amp with the Sterlings and a Pass XA25 with the 10s. I feel I would need a more powerful amp for the Maggies. I would also like to try out a used pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars, also needing more power than the XA25 provided I believe. 

There are many on this forum that have been in this hobby for many years and have had access to many systems and therefor have a focused idea of the presentation they prefer. This can lead to refinement towards a single goal (system).  In my case I have been involved in audio for over 50 years however with rather limited access to diverse systems. This leads me towards exploration, which I enjoy. I guess my time has finally come.

@mesch  Nice to hear from you. I'm also curious about the LRS speakers. I've heard the XA25 has much more power than officially claimed. 

Also glad to hear from the motorcycle folks and others with multiple forms of hobby gear. I love music, but I love gear, too. I love the technology and the variation it can bring to experiences of music. There is no such thing as an Ur-presentation of food, wine, transportation, etc. I'm amazed people can settle on a single divinity. The polytheistic ancient Greeks and the Hindus keep things fresh, IMO.