Speaker preference Dali, Audio Physic, Von Swiekrt

I am looking for opinions on the Dali MS4, Audio Physic Avanti III and the Von Sweikert VR4SE. I am thinking about moving from Audio Physic Virgo II's to one of the above speakers. Unfortunately no opportunity to audition any of them. My system consists of Theta Basic II transport, Camelot Uther IV DAC, Rogue M150 Amps, Tara Labs Air1 wiring. Dedicated room 20'X14'X9'. Listening preference is soft rock, classic rock, jazz, female vocals. Thanks for your opnions.
Wow, unfortunately this is like asking someone else what style and brand of underwear you should wear.

I personally like Audio Physics and the Dali (not for underwear, but for speakers) while I DISLIKE the Von Schweinkerts (pardon my Deutsch). I doubt that that helps at all, but I feel better!
for the price of the Dali you could by Von Schweikert db99's, a terrific design that lets you play low powered tubes.
I've heard 2 of the speakers you mention (Dali MS4, Audio Physic Avanti III), plus the VS VR4JR and VR9. First about my sonic preferences: I prefer a neutral, open sound, free of the speakers, with lots of transparency and dynamics.

I found the Dali surprisingly warm...too warm and sweet. The 2 VS speakers I heard were played only in scripted demos, disallowing interested listeners from playing their own music ( a very unfortunate way to demo a product IMO), but allowing for the fact that the demo music was undoubtedly pre-screened to give as favourable an impression as possible...they were dynamic and exciting. The VR4JR was a little lacking in resolution.

The Avanti III impressed me the most of these speakers, with an exceptionally clean and open sound, good dynamics and a great soundstage.
I too will weigh in on the Avanti 3 side. I have just bought a pair, and I have had them about two months. Like you, I could not listen to them prior to buying them. So, I based my purchase of the Avanti 3's on research, specs,prayer, etc... I cannot say that these are the last speakers I will ever own, but I would probably have to hear and be completely bowled over by any potential speakers that would take the Avanti's place. I have not heard the other two speakers you are considering, but I can tell you that it is hard to go wrong with the Avanti's.
What speakers did you have before the Avanti's and how do they compare.
Steve Gunther