Speaker recommendation

I’m looking to buy a speaker in the $4000-5000 range. I was very impressed with the GoldenEar Trton 1 speaker I heard at a friend’s house, and I know the Tekton DI is very well thought of on this forum.
 I listen to mostly classical music, some Diana Krall and the like, and also big band music.
Any other suggestions?
Suggestion; First figure how much money you want to spend, this will dictate what speakers to buy.
Second; Type of music you listen to majority of time.
Third; Is your sweet spot of your ears with your music, Heavy Bass, Mid range, Highs. 
Final, room size, treatments, carpet, wood floors, etc.
Beware of recommendations...sales people. 
Let your ears move your lips to a smile. Hope this helps.
Imagine what sound quality one can get out of 20-30W amp for the same money one spends for 160W monster. It's very simple. Prices for components (of the same quality) go up exponentially for high power amps. So something has to give, either less power or less quality. Not to mention the planet.

Back to the speaker question. Best speakers for classical music and jazz are single driver speakers. They don't use crossovers hence avoid various kinds of distortions, maintain the full dynamic range... In addition, they "sing with a single voice" so they don't brake instruments and vocals among different drivers with different characteristics, speeds... In classical music and jazz you want piano to sound like a piano rather than an electric instrument. Even better how about hearing the difference between a Steinway and Bosendorfer?