Speaker Recommendation: 20K range

I’m looking for new speakers in the <20K range. 

I am not looking for used, unless it’s a demo model straight from an AD.

I am hoping to find a line that clearly beats speakers in the ~10K range like Magico A3, Revel 228BE, Legacy Focus SE etc.

I will be pairing the speakers with a Lumin D2 streamer, Mcintosh C2600 pre and MC452 amp. Changing those components is not going to happen anytime soon and so system synergy with those pieces is important. 

I also would like the speakers to be rated at 500W given the amp I will be using and the fact that the listening space is quite large. 

While I mostly listen to jazz, rock, pop, classical and vocals, I am really looking for speakers that sound amazing with any genre. I also need them to sound great at moderate levels of volume. 

I currently have Focal Kanta No 2s, and while they are quite nice, I want something much better in all respects. 

I am not really up to speed on all the audiophile terms that describe the various traits of sound – I just want my jaw to drop when listening to the speakers with any genre at all volume levels, if that’s possible :) 

I am close to NYC and would like to narrow down the list to ~5 candidates before I start auditioning.

Hopefully you guys can help me compile a list!

Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.

bassdude2I have been eyeballing those Legacy speakers for awhile now. If I had the cash of the OP, I would be auditioning a couple in the Legacy lineup. They seem to have really tightened up their build quality in the past deacde, a local dealer used to carry them when the build quality was poor and stopped carrying them. I like the Legacy, the Vandersteen and a few by Volti Audio, like these http://voltiaudio.com/vittora/. The Vittora comes with an ultra low frequency bass driver that would really push in those low frequencies. Not to mention the extreme beauty of the wood cabinet finish- they look very retro-cool.
OP... BTW the Volti is right at your price point....https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2013/02/17/hello-goodbye-six-weeks-with-the-volti-audio-vittora/
I own a set of Sopra 2’s and they sound excellent. My system is all tube gear, but I have heard them with the Mcintosh components you have. In smaller rooms, the Focal’s can sound a little bright, as do B&W, but a larger room should help.  Room treatments did wonders for my system, so I recommend, as others have, that you give some thought to them. 

I have also auditioned some some of the speakers you are considering. Sopra will Sound much better than Kanta in every way. They are really in different leagues. Given your budget, Sopra 3 is a better choice than 2. They are the same drives for tweeter and midrange, but the 3’s have more body in the lower octaves. B&W, in my opinion Sound a little thin until you get power running through them. Once the volume goes up, they will open up and sound really nice. 

Dali and Dynaudio speakers will be a totally different sound than Focal or B&W. They are much more laid back. Given that your electronics are a little laid back, I would caution that you may swing to far in the other direction if you aren’t careful. Definitely audition them if you can, but I would spend significant time with them before making the purchase to ensure you will be happy 6 months later. 
Monitor Audio has the PL II series. The 200 and 300 are in your price range. I have the 100s, which are stand mount. They are fab. The 200 and 300 have been very well reviewed. 
My experience with Monitor speakers has been great...
Tuff decision. I also want to upgrade from Aerial 10T’s I’ve had for 18 yrs. 
I live in Florida now but I’m from NYC originally and going back to visit family on 10/31/18. I’ll be there for the audio show 11/9-11/18 although the show doesn’t look so good. 
Here’s something to think about:
After listening to Andrew Jones speak about speaker design, I’ve decided to consider an active speaker because they avoid the shortcomings introduced by cross over networks. 
The best speakers in the world will suck if the listening room is all wrong