Speaker Recommendation: 20K range

I’m looking for new speakers in the <20K range. 

I am not looking for used, unless it’s a demo model straight from an AD.

I am hoping to find a line that clearly beats speakers in the ~10K range like Magico A3, Revel 228BE, Legacy Focus SE etc.

I will be pairing the speakers with a Lumin D2 streamer, Mcintosh C2600 pre and MC452 amp. Changing those components is not going to happen anytime soon and so system synergy with those pieces is important. 

I also would like the speakers to be rated at 500W given the amp I will be using and the fact that the listening space is quite large. 

While I mostly listen to jazz, rock, pop, classical and vocals, I am really looking for speakers that sound amazing with any genre. I also need them to sound great at moderate levels of volume. 

I currently have Focal Kanta No 2s, and while they are quite nice, I want something much better in all respects. 

I am not really up to speed on all the audiophile terms that describe the various traits of sound – I just want my jaw to drop when listening to the speakers with any genre at all volume levels, if that’s possible :) 

I am close to NYC and would like to narrow down the list to ~5 candidates before I start auditioning.

Hopefully you guys can help me compile a list!

Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.

Tannoy Prestige series with 15" dual-concentric or 12" DC.

Buy the best Tannoys you can find on the used market. These are the best speakers in the world. They are SET-friendly, and can found in the homes of many hi-fi industry insiders. They are insanely good. Non-concentric drivers always exhibit lobing, which will never completely satisfy the discriminating ear... with the possible exception of the big Vandersteens (which are power-hungry) and Maggies (which are fragile and lacking in the bass) 

I think you are right, the B&W 700 series offers a lot of speaker for the money. They seams to be competitive with speakers costing more.
Some products I have in my store that are an amazing deal.1. Vandersteen 5A Carbon in Birds Eye Maple at $19K2. Wilson Audio Specialties Yvettes at $19,5003. Audio Physic Aventara ++ with AudioQuest WEL Signature cabling inside. $11995.004. Vivid Audio Kaya 90 $26000.00sunnyaudiovideo.com

Well I demo’ed the Magico A3 and the Focal Sopra’s 3 this last Saturday. They were connected to Ayre equipment. Both types of speakers sounded excellent with each having a different presentation. I kinda liked the Sopra’s 3’s a little better. But they are twice the price of the Magico A3.

Since I own 4 JL Audio Fathom F-113 subs, I’m thinking the Focal Sopra 2’s would suffice nicely. Unfortunately, the dealer didn’t have them to demo.

But, the true test will be when I bring my Carver Tube amps to play with them. The speakers compatibility with the amps might swing the decision.