speaker recommendation for 35watt tube mono blocks

I'm looking for a fun exciting speaker that will sing at any level. $1k-$3k    I'm demoing the original Klipsch Forte with Forte II mid/treble drivers and rebuilt crossover paired with old RCA amps. They're a lot of fun to blast and fill the house.  I miss however definition and detail in the imaging when sitting in the sweet spot.  It's a softer focus.  Is the Forte III also like this?    
Zu has caught my attention. 
Check out Decware Steve builds tube amps and speakers to match he has some very interesting and efficient speakers 

I would look at Vandersteen 2 ce sig III. I have sig I‘s paired with a 20 wpc Schiit amp. I was concerned going into the pairing as I read a lot of info that the amp would only sound good with 98 db or higher speakers. I am very happy with the soundstage and volume I am getting from this system. My conclusion is that you can’t get to wrapped up in the specs just go by the end result and sound.
5th on Ref 3a.  I run Ref 3a upgraded Veena with Primaluna Dialogue Premium and REL 5i.  Magical....
I would go with original fortes...should be had for less than $1,000.  Upgrade with alk crossovers ($375) otherwise they will be to shrill....and Crites  titanium diaphragms $75). You will be all in for $1,500 with an amazing pair of speakers that love tubes.  I am using an 8 watt SET amp and have added subs for the low end.  However the forte’s sing with my fisher x202b, which is comparable power wise to your mono blocks