Speaker recommendation for Home Theater

Ok.  I need some advice.  Here is some context:  I’ve been out of the HiFi game for over 10 years.  My last set of speakers were a Magnepan 5.1 setup with 1.6QR mains, CC3 center and surrounds and a REL B3 Sub.  These are starting to buzz due to old age and i figured I might just upgrade all around.    I do love the sound of the Maggies in a surround setup but could be up for a change.  Total budget would be about $15k (+/-) for a 5.1 setup.   I’d also be open to going 7.1.4 with some Atmos action down the road...  

I don’t do much 2 channel listening anymore - kids and forced-family-fun have ruled out time for me to sit anywhere for more than 30 seconds except when watching movies.  

What say you?  

If your budget is around $15k just for speakers and a sub (5.1 setup) without electronics and cables and since this system is strictly for HT or movies and TV shows and stuff I would recommend getting the following B&W new 700 S2 series speaker system :
* B&W 702 S2 front speakers retail for $4500/pair brand new.
* B&W HTM71 S2 center speaker retails for $1350 brand new.
* B&W 705 S2 standmount speakers for surrounds retail for $2500/pair without stands.
For a subwoofer I would get either the JL Audio or SVS and I would spend for around $2k ish for it.

As for electronics I would recommend getting AV separates : AV pre pro + multi-channel power amp. For a pre pro or AV processor I would look for a used discontinued Marantz AV8802 processor that can be had today for around $2k and less in used markets. The Marantz AV8802 is very popular processor and you should be able to find a used one pretty easily in used markets. The Marantz AV8802 performs spectacular for the money.

As for a five-channel power amp I highly recommend the Rotel RMB-1585 five-channel amp currently retails for $3k new. This is an excellent amplifier for the money. Very powerful very refined and musical sounding amplifier. The Rotel will pair really well with the B&W speakers. Rotel always mate well with B&W. They were voiced together and are meant to be paired together.

Or you can find a used Parasound Halo A51 five-channel power amp. This amp was recently discontinued and today can be had for around $2500 used. Its original MSRP was $4500 when it was in production when purchased brand new. This model was discontinued recently.
Overall the Parasound Halo A51 is actually a better amplifier than the Rotel RMB-1585 IMO but you can never go wrong with either one. The Rotel RMB-1585 will probably have better synergy with the B&W speakers.

Lastly, do not skimp on cables : speaker cables, analog audio interconnects (XLR or RCA), digital cables eg HDMI, USB, spdif (coax digital) or optical digital (Toslink), and power cables or power cords. All cables do make a difference sonically.
Your not listening to two channel, its just TV.
The latest Marantz receiver that fits the budget. Read the reviews on their latest pre/pro and go from there.
Nobody goes back to 5.1 from 7.1. The 7.1 matrixing of 5.1 material is really good now especially with matching speakers.
Seven Pioneer SP-C22 center channel speakers by Andrew Jones. No they’re not Magnapans and after your first loud film you won’t care. Its important to use all seven matching speakers, no dipoles or surrounds. Your family will love the surround effects and the space savings.
Get a non room correction subwoofer or two, the receiver will do that. Rythmik or SVS. You’ll hear what a POS that REL is but keep it and slave it using low level RCAs.
Monoprice or Blue Jeans cable custom length will work just fine.
Don’t go nuts its just TV.

Wait till you see what a sixteen year old is going to do to your auto insurance.
I have been reading up on AV preprocess and I think getting something with Dirac Live can pay dividends. Emotiva XMC-1 seems like quite a value and it seems it is upgradable, really a worthy competitor to NAD M17V2.
I'm with @m-db on this.  If this isn't for critical 2-channel listening and more for just enjoying movies and TV, you can spend less than one third of your budget on speakers and still have one damn good sounding home theater.  I say this because I've done it twice already. 

IME, if you get the center speaker and sub(s) right, you're already a good way to a great HT.  I'm very partial to 3-way center speakers where the tweeter is positioned above a dedicated midrange driver as it seems to pay dividends in both vocal clarity and lateral dispersion -- two of the biggest failures of many center speakers IMHO.

Aperion Audio offers good center speakers with this configuration, and I built one HT with their entry-level Intimus line and another with their upscale Verus line, and both were superb in delivering a dynamic and immersive HT experience.  They're offering a 20% discount, so the Verus towers, center, and monitors for the rear can be had for about $3200.  Add an SVS PB2000 sub (that goes down to 14Hz) and you've got your 5.1 speakers covered for about 4 grand.  Even driven by a sub-$1000 Yamaha AVR, this system sounded incredible to the point that it left me craving nothing more.  In fact, we're now redoing our basement that will include a home theater, and despite having a budget to spend more I see (or hear) no reason to do so.  Plus, Aperion offers a long and truly risk-free trial period (they pay all shipping both ways if necessary) and their customer service is top notch.  My only hesitation is that I can build a similar system with a Rhythmic sub from Ascend Acoustics for about the same price.  I think their center speaker may be even better than Aperion's, but not sure it's gonna pass the WAF test. 

Anyway, just some personal experience and trying to save you some $$$.  Best of luck in whatever you decide. 
Sorry Soix we beg to differ. We have a full home theater room with some state of the art components and when you have a real home theater setup the experience is transcendent. 

We started with much less expensive gear and over time upgraded each level of the system and as the system's components got better so was the realisim and enjoyment of watching a movie.

You also fail to comprehend that most of the excitment of theater is sound which is ususally very well scored. Music is an integral part of the soundtrack for most movies and creates the excitment much more then the visuals. 

Just turn off the sound and watch the drama go away.

For example we started with PSB Syncrony loudspeakers which were very good $5k speakers when we repalced them with Kef Ref 3 the sound was far more realistic and dramatic, the difference between the two loudspeakers was self evident. 

That is also not to say that a good 5.1 or 7.1 or 11,2 system can't do a good job reproducing music as well. 

Our reference home theater uses a $9k Audio Conrol Maestro M9 which sounds glorious and did sound way better then the $3k Anthem AVM 60 which sounded better than a $4k Marantz. 

Don't knock the experience of really good theater until you've heard one.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ