Speaker Recommendation up to 70k

I have purchased SOTA swiss front end which I can't disclose. They are solid state. 
Got room treated , cables sorted , power supply regulated, a comfy couch and books to read for years. 

Now I need a pair of beautiful and lively speakers to get me up and dancing when the track calls for it. A SOTA speaker that is worthy of keeping for years. Room size is 25 sqm/ 269 sqft. 

Final contenders: 
- Zellaton 
- Stenhiem 
- Tidal- Marten- Wilson 
- Borresen

I don't need (you need to listen and decide) suggestions, I can't travel and we got no dealers with demos. So I'll have to rely on users honest opinions about each brand above and are they worthy of the cost. 

No electrostatics and no horns please. Appreciate if you know how to get the most benefit at the upper botique level of speakers. Some might look fabulous and sound meh. 

Let's discuss. 
Lolol Limomangus!

Properly set up Harbeth  could run circles around speakers costing $100k!😄
[please excuse my bad English]
During the two ‘Brussels HiFi Shows’, my Harbeths demo created a stir, compared with systems that are ten to twenty times more expensive. (source, in French)
(Harbeth’s Brussels dealer)

Indeed, I attended the show, and can testify that his magnificent-sounding SHL5-based high-end system was Best Sound of the Show, and sounded better than a €80K pair of speakers two room further. But the former was setup by a master...
This demonstrate the uttermost importance of a good, experienced dealer. Online purchase is a mistake which, repeated, will bury high-end dealers alas (of course, in some region which are hifi-deserts, one have no choice than going online, I understand; the constraints are very different in some regions of North-America vs Northern Europe).

Now, *some* extremely well-chosen high-end very expensive speakers (much more expensive than Harbeths), if perfectly setup, can run circles around Harbeth though (I am a Harbeth owner). But I only know 3 or 4 of them. And only if one favors timbres.

That said, TBH, and according to his selection, I am not sure that Harbeths would fit @emerald’s demand (OP), who seems to be craving for speed, transparency and dynamics (on top of naturalness).

Ive heard zellaton. It is equisite but I wouldn't say it's better than magico. I own an m2 and had an s5mk2 before that. all depends on preference and source gear. don't get me wrong, i think the zellaton is real special but, to my ears+with my gear, the magico m2 is a perfect speaker.