Speaker recommendations :-)

Hi there good people 

In short, wanted to hear your ideas. I am into jazz and acoustic music and this is my equipment list, maybe it will help. Listening room is around 50m2 of area.  At this moment i dont have speakers, sold last one already. ( Wilson Sophia 3 ). 

Lamm M1.2Ref. monos,  

Lamm LL1.1. preamp ,

Lamm LP1 Phono. 

dCS Apex Vivaldi Dac + Cd+ Clock + Upsampler

Turntable: Chronos Pro


I am not looking for the “best speakers in the Universe”, just wanted to hear some ideas , maybe they will lead to new  interesting synergy of my system.


Thank you for your time :-)




"At this moment i don't have speakers, sold last one already."

Interesting first post.

So, what are you listening to while you have $250M worth of components and no speakers?

Take a look and listen at Fleetwoods, they are a little off the beaten path but sound fantastic.  I listen to the same type of music and absolutely love the sound of the horns coming from these speakers. They fill the room with sound similar to the way my Maggie’s did.