Speaker recommendations :-)

Hi there good people 

In short, wanted to hear your ideas. I am into jazz and acoustic music and this is my equipment list, maybe it will help. Listening room is around 50m2 of area.  At this moment i dont have speakers, sold last one already. ( Wilson Sophia 3 ). 

Lamm M1.2Ref. monos,  

Lamm LL1.1. preamp ,

Lamm LP1 Phono. 

dCS Apex Vivaldi Dac + Cd+ Clock + Upsampler

Turntable: Chronos Pro


I am not looking for the “best speakers in the Universe”, just wanted to hear some ideas , maybe they will lead to new  interesting synergy of my system.


Thank you for your time :-)



Guys, thank you all for interesting recommendations.

Many speakers you mentioned i didnt hear, but here in Croatia, Europe, in city where i live i know some people with some of them and i think i will contact them and arrange listening. 

Yes, i figured out yesterday 😂…that i wrote name “Kronos” wrong. I sometimes write  “Karma” speakers wrong too, like , “Kharma, even Charma” :) :-) if i am using phone and write messages. But its ok 😊 English is not my native language so sometimes i make mistakes. 

According to some more expensive speakers combinations, I always liked Magico S7 , but here in Croatia, i think no one has them. But i understand that they are very expensive.
I was wondering, in general, adding subs would create more detailed sounds picture.

Jazz is very dynamic music, if you listen artists like

Bror Fredrik "Esbjörn" Svensson , from Esjborn Swenson trio 

or maybe Yaron Herman Trio.

So, i will see how things go. I was even considering some PMC speakers like Fenestria , because i have PMC passive monitors in studio and they sound great for mixing and mastering. ATC are great too . 




Any of the Usher speakers with their DMD Diamond tweeter, Revel Studio2/Salon 2, Raidho, and the later Wilson’s. I have owned many of the Ushers and still own a pair along with a pair of Revel.

All new improved JBL L100 Classic Black Edition sounded better than the Revel Ultima Salon 2 Speakers, some say are one of the best speakers on the market !


Usher speakers are an absolute must hear and a huge value, and gorgeous.