Speaker recommendations :-)

Hi there good people 

In short, wanted to hear your ideas. I am into jazz and acoustic music and this is my equipment list, maybe it will help. Listening room is around 50m2 of area.  At this moment i dont have speakers, sold last one already. ( Wilson Sophia 3 ). 

Lamm M1.2Ref. monos,  

Lamm LL1.1. preamp ,

Lamm LP1 Phono. 

dCS Apex Vivaldi Dac + Cd+ Clock + Upsampler

Turntable: Chronos Pro


I am not looking for the “best speakers in the Universe”, just wanted to hear some ideas , maybe they will lead to new  interesting synergy of my system.


Thank you for your time :-)



I'm a jazz guy.  Love the 50's-60's and then everything Chet did after.  Because of this, a same period system suits me well.  Marantz tube gear and JBL Hartsfields.  Horns are it~

I replaced MartinLogan Monolith II's with Philharmonic Audio BMR Towers.  Everyone who has heard both in my house are unanimous; the Towers are hands-down better.  I listen to a variety of music, mostly soft jazz, both vocal and instrumental.  No Dixieland.  Occasionally Maynard Ferguson.

If you follow the link, I suggest reading the Music Listening section above all else.

3+ for Martens 

4+ for Atc 

There is a reason why some jazz and vocalist artists already owns ATC

Happy searching!! 🎼