Speaker Recommendations

I currently have a set of Gunned MMGs, but I’m thinking about trying out a different set of speakers. What do you think would go well with the components listed below? I mostly listen to rock, jazz, and bluegrass. My budget would be no more than $3k and I’m not opposed to buying used speakers. My amp is class D. My room is 14x18.

Audio Mirror Tubadour IV SE DAC

Don Sachs Model 2 Tube preamp

D-Sonic m3a-1200s amp


I was lucky enough to find 3.7i at a reasonable price used then read how those paired with a Pass 250.8 had won a best of show so I kept my eyes peeled for  the Pass and found one within driving distance of Boston.

I've owned this combo for over 3 years now and have no desire to change. My room is only 12 x 15 but everything sounds fantastic.

@johnto I did some troubleshooting yesterday and the graininess isn't from my system.  It was the recording.  On the 2020 remaster of John Coltrane's Giant Steps on Naima when the note of saxophone starts to trail off, there is noticeable sound of graininess.  I played the song on my headphone system and my office system and it was present on both of them. Since I'm hearing it on three separate systems, it has to be the recording..

If you can possibly swing it, my suggestion is to go to an audio show and get a sense of what is available. It's great fun and you will come away with a much better idea of which direction you want to head. It looks like your amp will handle difficult loads so you have a lot of flexibility of what speakers you can use. It might be time to go with a pair of conventional box speakers.

BTW, I sometimes hear graininess on my Thiel CS6's (Krell KRC-2 & KSA 300S) and I have done the same thing by checking with headphones. It's always in the recording. The sax sound you describe may be the instrument being portrayed accurately. A trailing sax note does sound grainy by nature due to the reed vibrations becoming more noticeable at lower volumes.

BTW #2, I also have a Tubadour IV. Great DAC.

@8th-note i will definitely check out the next audio show that is in the Atlanta area. I love my Tubadour IV.  Vlad has released version 5, but it's out of my price range.