Speaker Recommendations

I currently have a set of Gunned MMGs, but I’m thinking about trying out a different set of speakers. What do you think would go well with the components listed below? I mostly listen to rock, jazz, and bluegrass. My budget would be no more than $3k and I’m not opposed to buying used speakers. My amp is class D. My room is 14x18.

Audio Mirror Tubadour IV SE DAC

Don Sachs Model 2 Tube preamp

D-Sonic m3a-1200s amp


Understood, but I might suggest finding a pair of used Spatials that will fit your budget.  My buddy is acquiring a pair of used X4's for $4K tomorrow.  I wish I had found that deal!  

I was listening to my Spatial M4 Triode Masters yesterday and feel in love with them all over again.  I prefer my Cube Audio Jazzon speakers, but they cost multiples the price of what you can find a pair of used Triode Masters for.  The Spatial's are about the least sensitive speakers I have found for easy room placement.   

Fyne Audio 501SP (used), Zu Audio (Soul 6, DW6 Dirty Weekend, Union Supreme), Fritz, Rogers/Falcon/Spendor LS3/5A.....all easy to drive