Speaker recommendations

I have a Sota Comet TT, NAD cd, McCormack ALD and McCormack DNA.5. I want to upgrade my Klipsch KG4 speakers. I am considering Alon model II, Vandersteen 2CE sigs, Thiel 2.2 and others. I like good bass extension, airy highs and halographic imaging (who doesnt). I want used,easy to drive, easy to place speakers. Any recommendations or thoughts on my selections. Thanks.
I love my Vandersteen 2CE sigs. While it may take a little longer to set them up than some, I think its a small price to pay. It so happens that the guy I bought them from had them hooked up to a Van Alstine tube pre running into a Mccormack DNA-1. All I could say was "wow". I think you 0.5 will work fine with them.
All good suggestions and all but the CV are on my list. I have to rule out the CV because of WAF, which is a requirement I neglected to mention. I'm also considering Alons model I or IV or maybe used Ushers. I have a 100 watt per McCormack amp. Think it will drive any of these to satisfying volumes? Thanks
Also consider Silverlines - great line - very smooth and easy to drive - and the aesthetics of the Mark 1s which is very Avalon like might please Mrs WAF