Speaker recommendations

Hi guys (and girls),

As some of you may know, I'm assembling an inexpensive system purchasing used gear in order to get the best bang for the buck i can manage.

So far, I have an old Rotel RCD971 (which i will replace with a more current, better sounding unit after i upgrade my speakers), a sugden A48b integrated amp w/ $500 of upgrades by Dan Santoni, and a pair of Rega Aras.

Room is small, heavily damped (Can't change this as it's a rented condo). So, room is not 'alive' sounding.

Amp is warm and robust sounding, HC of at least 50wpc. A bit rolled off in the treble, but good midrange and, as mentioned, robust sounding.

CD player is 'meh'...sterile...but gets the job done for the moment.

Rega Aras - seem to also be warm sounding...

Soo, with the triple warmth of the room, amp and speakers, overall the sound is too dull/ muddled.

I want speakers that are significantly more open, airy, extended and pack more of a punch.

I've made a thread about Epos m12.2 and Monitor Audio GR10, asking which would be the better match.

But, after receiving an email from a fellow 'goner, who provided a short list of alternatives, I'm wondering what opinions others may have in terms of what might work for me.

NOTE: I've tried out the arros, but i feel that they are not for me... too light in the loafers and not capable of high enough output w/out overtaxing their cones.

Can ANYONE recommend anything that I could pick up here in Toronto, Canada for 1000 bucks canadian or less that have the characteristics i'm searching for?

I'd really like to purchase locally, if at all possible, and i want to buy used gear to once again get the best bang for the buck.

Thanks again, as always.
yes, i'm a member of CAM

I rarely find anything of much interest there - certainly nothing at the moment.

As for the decappos, i heard them at a local dealership and did not particularly like them... I thought they lacked quite a bit in that particular setup, although i don't recall what the source/ amp combo was. Lacked punch is what i most remember...

i will look into martin logans and focals, although the former require breathing room, don't they?
you're right, the martin logans do require breathing room and are fussy about placement, so they may not work in your room. i reiterate my monitor audio recommendation--very punchy, small footprint, good value. i actually much preferred them to some much pricier gear (vienna acoustics, definitive)
Hey Loomis,

Yes, i've actually been toying w/ the idea of Monitor Audio speakers... However, i'd be looking into the GR or GS lines (GR10/ GS10).

I really liked what they did in the store where i heard them, but they are too costly for me if paying full retail.

When i made a thread about them in comparison to Epos m12.2, i was offered all kinds of alternatives instead of the MA's or the Epos.

That's partially why i started this thread - to see what other ppl have in mind in terms of what speakers they think fit the bill in terms of what sound i'm after.

All responses appreciated! thanks a lot thus far, guys. Keep em coming!
in context, it makes little sense to pay full retail; agon is full of quality speakers at or below your 1k target--if you're not enamored with the mas or epos, look at meadowlark, von schweikert or lower-end totem--all good values.