Speaker recommendations

Hi-My current system consists of a Sota turntable, NAD cd and tuner, McCormack Pre-amp (ALD with phono and external power)and DNA .5 Deluxe amp (100 watts per channel). The speakers i am using are the Klipsch KG4. I want to upgrade the speakers. My room is 14 x 16, with concrete floor and one wall open to the rest of the house. I listen mostly to rock music (Norah Jones, Killers, Death Cab, etc.) played at moderate volume. I want a speaker that images and soundstages well, has decent bass extension and is efficent enough to be driven with my current amp which I like very much. I am considring Totems and Alons but would like other suggestions too. Thanks.
I would look for a pair of snell c4's or c5's;great speaker for rock with a good solid state amp as you already have.
You might want to mention your proposed buget as well, and whether you prefer full-range or monitor type speakers.