speaker recommendations for Ayre V-5xe?

Hi All,

I recently picked up this amp used and have a Lumin T2 connected direct

I'd like to try a couple of standmount speakers in the 5-10k price range that would be considered an ideal match for the amp to really see what it can do

open to all ideas, was thinking Dynaudio heritage specials, the new Fritz Purifi model, Bowers 805d4

will likely get the Ascend Sierra-2EX v2 to start as it is relatively inexpensive and then go from there

really seeking a specific model if possible that is known to have synerygy with this amp

thanks in advance







good advice thanks

atc scm 19v2's are definelety on my short list

additionally, the link below ranks the kefr3 very high and the same forum has a review that compares the new meta version sugeesting it is even better



I've got the same amp and use it with B&W, 802D3, very happy with the combination. I can't see that a smaller B&W won't work great as well.

I will 2nd the Vandersteen VLR-CT with Sub3 around $6250 without upgrade finishes, or Vandersteen Treo CT on upper end of your budget. 

I also would recommend talking with John Rutan at Audio Connection.  Has been selling Vandy’s forever and is very honest.