Speaker Recommendations - from Vandersteen 5As

I have been using Vandersteen Model 5 speakers in my system with excellent results.  I like the open sound, balanced top to bottom sound, sound stage 3D dimension, and having deep bass that is adjustable.  They really have a huge sound that is also very musical.  I used to own Alon V MKII speakers and the Alnico mid-range driver produced a better mid-range sound  compared to the Vandersteens in that one aspect.  That mid-range was just pure magic and the Alons had more impact but were not close to being as balanced of a speaker.  I recently sold my older model 5s because I got a great deal on a much better cosmetic condition Vandersteen model 5As.  To me the 5As just don't sound like my old model 5s.  I have not really had the chance to play around with them that much and my system unfortunately changes in some ways because my Audiomeca CD transport bit the dust.  That was one hell of a great sounding CDT.

I am looking in the $7500 price range and usually purchase used.  I have plenty of dealers in the NYC area that I can visit and people that I know so I will be taking the time to take a look around.  I do like the size of the Vandersteen 5s so that if something I would be considering.  I was thinking of a short list and thought Verity Parsifals, Sonus Faber, Legacy, DeVore, etc.  I tend to focus on piano so I need a speaker that really can produce that sound first before I look elsewhere.  I probably lean towards a musical sound maybe slightly warm, open on top with air.  I can adjust the sound by changing caps and resistors in my components so I guess I just need a balanced sounding speaker with a great mid-range that can also product deep bass.  

Also note that I build my own DAC (separate power supply), preamp (separate power supply) and power amp so I can build anything for any speaker.  Right now my DAC is a DHT design, preamp 6SN7 design and amp is a hybrid 6SN7 design.  My system is dead quiet and the components are reference quality compared to the best that I have compared them to at local dealer showrooms.  I only spin CDs right now through a transport and I am using a Metronome CD1A  transport with a separate power supply.

So knowing that I am in the NYC area, what speakers in the price range should be on my short list to go our and hear?

I probably sound like an A-hole but I would really like some recommendations.  If you are in the local area, I would enjoy the company if you are interested.  I'll buy the pizza and beer!

Thanks and Happy Listening.
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I looked at your system, but see you are using your own (hand built) equipment, and since I don't know how it sounds, it is something I can't comment upon.- Though I would sure be interested in listening to it.😉

I never heard of the  NY Audio Syndrome Audio Group. A quick Google showed nothing. And, I would be interested in joining in, too.

I think Stringreen, and others have made good points regarding the possibility of the drivers/crossovers not being up to spec. 
Stringreen also made a great post saying that you should be able to send back only the amps/drivers/crossovers and save on the shipping. I, too, would have a hard time justifying sending back my whole speaker.
As you are a very capable fellow, removing said items should be a walk in the park.😁
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He built his own highpass filters, so the dip switches probably don't apply.  Still, the first thing I always start with is checking with a voltmeter and 1kHz/100Hz tones that the frequency response of the highpass filters is correct.

Then check that the subwoofers are working by checking with the Vandertones and an SPL meter (sounds like you've done that).  I have problems with the bass level pots on my Quatros, and I sometimes have to wiggle them a bit if the bass response droops or drops out. 

Calibrating the bass response can have a large effect on the midrange transparency, so you may want to redo this (sounds like you may have already).  Richard has a newer procedure for this which is a bit easier than the old procedure (it's in the newer manuals online and on youtube).


You have to know the output impedance of your amp to properly adjust the high pass filter..follow the guide on the filter itself to set the dip switches
@daverz the HP filters I built are the same as the originals but I upgraded the capacitor and resistors  I have dip switches in the ones I built also.  I added he picture to my system here on audiogon.  I know who tot set them up properly.  I will be playing around with them this weekend.