Speaker recommendations wanted for Quicksilver M135 amplifiers

Hello All!

I just acquired a pair of Quicksilver M135 amplifiers and line preamplifier. I wasn’t in the market, but they came to me in a trade. I am wanting everyone’s recommendations on speakers new/used under $5000. Room is 16x22, however I listen from about 7 feet away. Music preference is jazz and some light classic rock.

My current system consist of a McIntosh 240, Fisher CX-2, and Triangle Comete 40th anniversary speakers. 
‘Thank you in Advance,



Vandersteen Model 5, 5A were paired up some times with the QS MX-135 amps years back, and forward. Said to be "consequently, can be driven by a mid-power amplifier despite its modest sensitivity of 87db". Also helped by its built-in sub, etc. Worth looking into even if they are older and require some type of refresh, updates - considering the desired price range. As recommended, check with Johnny R.

I've seen MX-135s on sold years later at my local dealer, and discussion around driving various electrostat speakers there too. Some transformers in them, fwiw.  



@sutts If you ever decide to sell the M135 monos please let me know- thanks!

Hey, "Get in the back and form a line" as they say.  Just kidding. 🤣 Some of the bigger QS amps have become somewhat collectible. The M135s are unique and desirable to some in their own way. Then came V4s, and Mono 120s, now becoming more unobtanium too. Maybe check over on the Quicksilver Facebook group, more  Some QS folks hanging out there too.