speaker's for a 6 year old JVC D500


I'd like to improve the sound of my TV and would like to know wether I can just plug in to the audio connections in the back a pair of appropriate speakers for the job or do I also need a receiver ? If I need a receiver I guess I'll get an old cheap one that works, right? What speaker's I can find used, are recommended ? ( worm sound ) .

Thank you
An old cheap receiver will very possibly sound old and cheap. Now an old vintage piece like Sansui or Marantz will work with a decently little pair of speakers. However, where will you put the beast?

You can get little Klipsch promedia or Cambridge speakers that are tiny and powered. One with a subwoofer will help tremendously. Keep in mind that most $50 computer speakers won't sound any better with your tv.

Once you've gotten into several hundred for sound, you are simply better off buying a new TV for starters. Donate the old one to charity???

Final note: Whatever you try, it will sound much better if you can turn off/mute the tv speakers while listening to the better ones.
Here's a great one-box solution. Amp and speakers in one box. One wire from your TV, one power cord from the speaker to the plug.


Several models to choose from. I like the 315 for its combination of value and performance,
I'm wondering if anyone has tried hooking up a good table or portable radio instead of a receiver . It sounds like a used pair of powered ? speakers sound attractive witch one sounds best ? I guess a receiver would allow me to use any speakers I won't ( Spica 50's ) ?

Alex B , Thanks
I am a dealer. One of my favorites is the Audio Engine A5. $349 powered speaker pair that sound every bit as good for movies on TV as any movie theater. With the matching $399 sub the dynamics make an excellent 2.1 home theater system.

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