speaker shopping

I have a classe fifteen amp with parasound front end and am looking for speakers to go into a 12x22 room with 4 ft knee walls.
"Legacy are a great choice and so is the Shahinian Obelisk but they have different presentations.  The Obelisks would likely be easier to integrate into the room no matter which wall you place them on."

+1 on Legacy; I've owned many models of their speakers over 11+ years and they are an incredible value, no ear fatigue, play every kind of music and HT I ever threw at them and more and weigh in against much more expensive speakers (and win)...
You might want to listen to some Aurum Cantus they make some great stuff and you get a 60 day home trial .
It seems I'm the only one here who truly CARES about people, so to the OP specifically, I have to say there are no speakers currently made that will work in the room described so, unfortunately, you’re out of luck. Otherwise, when you move into a space EXACTLY like where I live, you can buy the speakers I prefer (Silverline Preludes with 2 REL "Q" series subs) and live happily. I’ll send you a list of all my furnishings and room dimensions so you can get started on your move. You're welcome.
I don't think the last assertion is true at all. What is the basis of your conclusion that no speaker made today will work in that room as specified by the OP?