speaker/stand, couple or isolate?

I've read a lot about floor standing speaker interaction with the floor and whether or not isolation or coupling might be the right approach depending on the type of floor, e.g., concrete, suspending wood floor, etc. I suspect the same rules apply to the speaker and the stand as a unit but what is the common wisdom about how should standmount speakers be placed on the stand, especially the larger/heavier speakers on 4 leg sand/rice filled heavy stands where tip over is not much of a concern. Thanks.
The current doctrine seems to indicate the use of rigid (think spikes) coupling to stiff cement type floors and isolated non coupling to bouncy floors like wood
Thanks. I agree that applies to the speaker and the stand as a unit but I'm asking about the interface between the speaker and the stand. I know some folks use some material like blue tac to "couple" the speaker to the stand but I suspect that's mostly used to reduce the likelihood of accidental tip over. I'll experiment with blue tac as well as some soft vibration absorbing pads and see if I hear a difference.
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